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About Pelvic Release

Pelvic Release helps to keep your pelvis and genitals happy and healthy.

Pelvic Release is a soft-touching release technique which makes the (fascia) tissue in your pelvis and genitals relaxed, supple and free of pain so your genitals and the rest of your body become more receptive for pleasure..

Your pelvis is the core of your being, your base. When you become more aware of this area, you'll start to feel a deeper connection with yourself, with the core of who you are. This helps you to feel what it is you want and express your desires and limits clearly. Not only in your intimate life, but also in every other aspect of your life: relationships, friendships, working life, etc.


A lot of people experience pain or numbness in their genitals, especially during sex, orgasm or afterwards.
Sometimes you'll also experience it in daily life, for example when riding a bike.
Sometimes you are aware of it and sometimes you are not.
Most people don't have a lot of awareness in the pelvic or genital area.
A lot of people get used to not feeling a lot in their genitals or needing a lot of friction or stimulation to feel pleasure or any sensation at all.

The amount of people who develop some kind of issue around their genitals during their life is huge.With the Pelvic Release techniques you'll create healthier tissue that can release toxins better and take in more nutrients.Your body will be healthier as a result.When your pelvis and your genitals are in an optimal condition, you'll be able to experience more pleasure in your body as well.

Pelvic Release can resolve pain or numbness and/or prevent problems in your pelvis and your genitals.
When the tissue is elastic and flexible again, you'll start to feel more and more.
Pain and numbness can turn into pleasure again.
This release also creates more awareness and energy in your pelvis and genitals.
Your body will feel more present and alive.

Pelvic release is not about arousal or sex. It is about getting the tissue in and around the genitals increasingly more relaxed and receptive to pleasure and sensation.
It will probably have a big effect on your sex life as the sensations you experience will change.

The release techniques I'll teach you will not hurt.
It can feel slightly uncomfortable on certain spots, but you should be able to have a normal conversation during the release.

Who is this for?

Would you like to feel more connected to your core?

Do you want to feel your genitals and let them become a source of pleasure and power to you?

Is there anything that holds you back from enjoying intimacy and pleasure to the fullest?

Or do you experience tension, pain or numbness in your pelvis and genitals during sex, orgasm or afterwards? Or in daily life, for instance when riding a bike?

Pelvic Release can turn pain and numbness into pleasure again.

What people say about what my Pelvic Release work has brought to their lives:
- No more genital pain 
- Erectile dysfunctions disappears
- Premature ejaculation disappears
- More lubrication in the vagina
- Feeling grounded
- Feeling strong, in a soft and empowered way
- More able to speak their truth
- Being able to choose what feels good for themselves
- Better communication (about sex and other things)
- Lower back pain, hip pain and pain in the legs and belly disappear
- Menstrual cramps disappear
- A feeling of aliveness  in and around the genitals
- A connection to the genitals.

Is there something in that list that you'd like?
Then go to the online training and join us.

There are some Contra- indications for doing this practice.
I would advice you NOT to do the pelvic release by yourself if you have:
- Cancer
- Rheumatism
- Inflammations in the genital area
- Sensitivity to psychoses
- Use of antidepressants
- Surgery in the abdominal or pelvic area less than 6 weeks before the training

- If you are pregnant: Check in with me first.

"Team" you can find professionals who offer individual Pelvic Release sessions as described on this website and in the online training. They are trained by me and under regular supervision.

You can buy the Online Pelvic Release training in the 
So you can learn to release your own pelvis or your partner's from your own home.
It's important to realize the training is for private use only.
You cannot offer sessions professionally after this training.​​​

There's an option for male (Lingam Release) and female genitals (Yoni Release).

If you have different or combined genitals, contact me because I have a special offer for you.


If you want to read more, have a look at my Blog.

There's a lot of info on my Instagram Channel as well.

And here's a replay of a webinar with more info about the benefits of Pelvic Release:



Mariëlle is the creator of this website and also of the Pelvic Release techniques, sessions and trainings.
She's created the Online Pelvic Release Training and also organizes live workshops and trainings around Pelvic Release. For the Calendar check her website.
The Pelvic Release Practitioners on this website are trained by her.

"I believe in creating a world in which people feel empowered, at ease, awake, loved and in alignment."

Pelvic Release Practitioners

Renée has over 25 years of experience in bodywork and massage.

Her passion is to help men and women to regain connection to their body, 

especially to the pelvic area.  

She has a lot of sensitivity in her hands and with her intuitive touch she finds the issues that need attention.

She is able to hold a safe space for you, so you can be with what comes up in session.

To her it feels as a gift to be able to guide people in this delicate proces.
Renee offers Lingam and Yoni Release sessions in Amsterdam and Amstelveen.


Christa is an anthropologist, worldtraveler, dive-instructor, mother, bodyworker, trainer, women coach and much more…. Her quality is to hold space for you, with compassion and no judgements, to be present with whatever surfaces. This enables the body to relax, so it can open on a deeper level and make a re-print. Through the pelvic floor we touch your whole life. Some layers are hard to set free all alone, then some support can be helpful. She is impressed by the wisdom and self-healing abilities of our bodies. ‘The body keeps the score’ is so true!
Christa offers Lingam and Yoni Release sessions in Utrecht.


I am a strong believer of the deep wisdom and self healing of our bodies.

The combination to work as a Touch and awareness bodyworker and now learning to work with the pelvic area made me see the depth of this work. It brings back opening for more aliveness and live life more fully.

I am able to hold a clear and safe space for people with my touch and with my presence. So they can trust and accept whatever arises in the moment.  I am grateful to travel along with them on this journey and see what a gift it is just to be  and listening to the body.

Annoesjka offers Yoni Release sessions in Haarlem.

As a Certified Somatic Sex Educator, Afra teaches through body experiences designed to nurture, deepen or awaken the sensual self. Besides pelvic release, these experiences can include coaching in breath, movement, body awareness, boundary-setting, communication, anatomy, sensate focus, massage, erotic trance and other body-based teachings about sex. Touch based therapy has a neuroscientific basis, is client centered, inclusive for all bodies and assists students in developing presence within the body, opening interior awareness, and learning how the body can feel more and more alive.



Afra can help with sexual problems ranging from premature ejaculation to not being able to orgasm readily, vaginismus, pornography addiction or unwanted fantasies.

Afra likes to bring calmness, presence, lightness and humor into her sessions in which you can learn how to direct sexual touch, to experience and express body boundaries, encounter and release trauma imprints, navigate sexual differences in couples, explore new erotic possibilities, become emotionally empowered in your sexual relationships, and recognize habits and patterns that are limiting your pleasure. 

Afra offers Lingam and Yoni Release sessions in Groningen.


Reynold is a father of two and has been a bodyworker for over five years. In his practice he combines tantric and MER bodywork with his experience as emotive therapist to guide you deeper into your body where you can let go of your emotional brakes and be with them to create a deeply felt relaxation. As a tantric practitioner he can help you get more awareness on your sexuality and problems you may have around the subject.

With his warm and friendly approach towards clients he creates a setting where people trust and let go of their tension.
In his search of deeper techniques to complement his skills as a bodyworker he is now training as Pelvic Release practitioner to help people connect more deeply to their core and to help them in acquiring happy and healthy genitals.

Reynold is totally relaxed working with both men and women.

Reynold offers Lingam and Yoni Release sessions in Doorn

Pelvic Release Practitioners in Training


Allowing yourself to be who you are, in your deepest core.
Layer by layer, Janneke connects to you on a deep layer from an open and safe space.
Janneke travels with you, as a space holder from that deep space in yourself, to help you embrace and get to know what lives in your deep darkness.
Welcoming yourself and everything that wants to be felt and experienced in the moment.
With love, calmness and softness as her greatest strengths, Janneke teaches you to be present in your body, to notice on a subtle level what is present in your body and to listen to the flow of your body.
For now, Janneke only works with women in Breda.


Pelvic Release Live Workshops

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