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Pelvic Release

 Online Training

Would you like to have happy & healthy genitals?
To feel a renewed excitement and experience of pleasure in your love life?

A strong feeling of being grounded in your body?

And zero shame, guilt and restriction around your sexuality?

Start your journey to feel relaxed and at home in your body here.

Transform your pelvis into a solid, loving base, a place that feels like home.

Learn how to feel what it is you long for and how to ask for that.

What is it you don't want and learn to lovingly express that as well.

Connect to your body in a way that is in alignment with your soul.

Are you ready to start your adventure?

The Pelvic Release course gives you the tools I’ve used with HUNDREDS of clients
to release all types of blockages in your genital and pelvic area.

What makes this course unique is that I will teach you to use those techniques BY YOURSELF.
So you can take them with you FOREVER, and spread the love!

Because the world really needs this... There are SO many people experiencing problems in their sex life, or at the very least experience a ´less-than-optimal´experience in their sex life.

Having attended literally 100´s of workshops,
I have not found anything like this training.
That is why I FELT the call to create this unique program.
It is for a very specific group of people that have the COURAGE to go on this journey with themselves...

It’s definitely not for everyone!
But, if you are still reading and haven´t clicked away by now...

This might be for you ! :-)



Hey, it’s me, Marielle!
And this is my story...


For the past decade I have been roaming the Tantric and Sexual Healing field.

I've learned everything about the pelvic floor, genital health, bodywork and diferent sexual healing techniques.

On that journey two key moments shaped most of my work as I do it today,

#1 - The Wheel of Consent by Betty Martin

Learning Consent on a deep level changed everything.

For the first time, I had communication tools to set healthy boundaries and go after my true desires.

I could really feel in my body that I had a choice and what my full yes felt like.

And that anything else wasn't a yes.

I learned the importance of safety and consent.

It turned my work and personal life upside down.and became the guiding principle in every aspect of my life.

#2 - Myofascial Energetic Release

Myofascial Energetic Release is a bodywork method that removes restrictions in the fascia and deep tissue of the body.

It differed from everything I studied prior in three essential ways…

We worked at a pressure scale of 5-7. Looking for a touch that felt just right in intensity. But never in a way that is painful or causing tension. Staying in that range where you are like “Yes - that’s just perfect!”.

We continuously communicated with our client. Never letting them drift off or dissociate. Let them be the ones guiding what is happening.

And finally - we allowed for breaks to give clients time to feel, breathe and unwind.

Interestingly - we learned to treat every part of the body - except the genital and pelvic area

The Great Inisght...

One night while meditating I suddenly had a great insight!

I suddenly knew the exact way to use Myofascial Energetic Release to work on the pelvic floor and genital area.

The Pelvic Release was born.

I asked my friends if I could practice on them… And the daring ones said yes.

The sessions where a huge success. Emotions released, sensitivity increased, amazing orgasmic sensations emerged. Feeling great afterward. Grounded in their bodies. Energetic batteries fully charged.

I started with clients, and within no-time, my calendar was jam-packed booked with sessions.

The results were astonishing.

Clients going from sexually numb, ashamed and defeated to sensual, orgastic and sexually alive.

One woman had vaginism for over a decade- and after only ONE session she could enjoy sex again.

(Not saying this is common, but it happens!)

Also, guys curing their premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction.

So - one thing let to another.

I distilled all my 1000's of hours of practice into this amazing Pelvic Release Course!

What can the Pelvic Release help you with?

You can expect the Pelvic Release to improve your life in many ways.

The ripple effects of this work can be felt throughout every aspect of your life.

My clients have reported improvements, not just in there sexual lives - but also in the quality of there relationships, professional lives and the connection with themselves.

And - the Pelvic Release can help you solve many tangible problems, such as:


  • Resensitization of the vagina, healing numbness, vaginism and genital pain.

  • Resensitization of the penis, healing both erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

  • Negative emotions, negative imprints and sexual trauma.

  • Vaginal lubrication.

  • Pain connected to the pelvic floor; such as lower back, hip, legs and lower belly pain.  

  • Greatly reduces PMS and menstrual cramps.

  • Keeps the prostate healthy.

  • Can help to cure porn addiction.

Secondly - You can expect to experience a wide arrange of other benefits.

  • More sensitivity and pleasurable sensations in the genital area.

  • Intenser, longer and more pleasurable orgasms.

  • Feeling grounded and connected to your body.

  • A better body-image, more confidence and an experience of self-love.

  • Increased sexual confidence and freedom.

  • Letting go of feelings of shame, guild or inadequacy around your genitals and sex life.

  • Truly loving your own genitals.

  • A deepened sense of self-care and self-love, simply because you gave YOURSELF the gift of such intimate, loving, healing session to yourself

(Also those without any noticeable ‘problems’ will experience many positive effects from doing this work)

The Story of a Married Couple...

When Eric and Jessica found me they hadn’t had penetrative sex for over two decades.

Penetration was very painful for Jessica.  It had hurt so much that they had basically given up on penetrative sex all together.

The rest of their sex life also suffered. Jessica couldn’t really feel much pleasure through any other type of genital stimulation.

Eric was also affected. He felt a growing sense of inadequacy, not being able to make his wife feel amazing in the bedroom.

Feeling that his wife wasn’t enjoying herself, and going through the sexual acts mostly just to please him made him feel perverse.

He wanted her to want it too.

Both had started to lose most of their interest in sex. For over a decade it was a subject that was mostly forgotten.

When they found me they had basically given up hope. They where in for quite the surprise...

After just two Pelvic Release sessions she experienced no more pain during penetrative sex.

And during the third session her body opened up completely.

She almost jumped off the table when for the first time in a long time she FELT her vagina.
“Wow my vagina is alive!” She exclaimed.

After this session she found her ability to really  enjoy penetrative sex.  She can now feel pleasurable sensations, even internal orgasms, during sex.
The sense of relief she experienced is indescribable.

Her self-esteem got a huge boost. Her feelings of in adequacy, shame and guilt around sexuality vanished.

She experienced a sense of rekindled love, closeness and intimacy with her partner.

They both found that they had so much more energy and fun in their whole lives, now that they could enjoy sex again.


What can you expect from the training?

Get a first impression of what's inside the course:

What others say about doing the
Pelvic Release work...

"For the past years of tantric practices it was always someone else touching me. With this training that finally changed. After the Pelvic Release I feel a renewed connection with my genitals.  These exercises help me to recognize, acknowledge and use my own body to discover what feels good to me. The course was clear, insightful and grounded. Very valuable!"



In the training you will be taught in a step-by-step process to get you the results you're after...

  • You will learn a series of exercises and theory to teach you how to hold a safe space for yourself.

  • You will learn how to sooth and relax your nervous system, in a way you can always use in daily life

  • You will learn to increase the sensitivity of your body

  • You will learn to handle heavy emotions as they come up

  • You will learn the method I use to listen to my body’s signals, in a very concrete way so no ‘guessing’  what you body is actually ‘ saying’

If you are ready and prepared, it is time for the Session itself.

You will get a total of 38 Videos full of self-release techniques.

A set of videos to do by yourself - and a set of videos to do together with a partner, if you decide to do so.


If you are a geek (like me), and want to go even deeper in all the subject material.

I’ve added tons of bonus material to every chapter with all the different books and video’s I have studied to get to these lessons.

(But, if you just want the tools that ‘work’, without all the know-how behind it, that is perfectly fine as well.).


  • You will get instant access to all the material, for both genital types solo release techniques and partner release techniques. So you can work at your own pace.


  • You will get access to a private Facebook support group where you can ask all your questions and share your experiences with other participants.


  • You also get infinite email support from me. Simply send me an email and I will help you out - forever.

I stand behind this work 100% and offer a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

If you follow the course, do all the exercises, participate in the MeWe group, and give yourself at least three full Pelvic Release Sessions…

And don’t experience results from doing the exercises and the session; contact me and I will personally guide you on the phone through your session …

If, after that, you still feel dissatisfied with the results, you will receive a full refund, no questions asked. 


Are you ready to jump in? 

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