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How would it feel like to have happy & healthy genitals?

Start your journey to feel relaxed and at home in your body here.

Transform your pelvis into a solid, loving base, a place that feels like home.

Learn how to feel what it is you long for and how to ask for that.

What is it you don't want and learn to lovingly express that as well.

Connect to your body in a way that is in alignment with your soul.

Are you ready to start your adventure?

Why would you join?

 This is what my Pelvic Release work brings to the lives of my clients:

  • No more genital pain 

  • Erectile dysfunction disappears

  • Premature ejaculation disappears

  • More lubrication in the vagina

  • Feeling grounded

  • Feeling strong, in a soft and empowered way

  • More able to speak their truth

  • Being able to choose what feels good for themselves

  • Better communication (about sex and other things)

  • Lower back pain, hip pain and pain in the legs and belly disappear

  • Menstrual cramps disappear

  • A feeling of aliveness  in and around the genitals

  • A connection to the genitals.
    Is there something in that list that you'd like?

    Then go to the online training and join us.

I'm Mariëlle and I'm looking forward to support you on your journey.

I've had so many people tell me how their lives improved after their individual Pelvic Release sessions or the Pelvic Release trainings that I felt inspired to make this journey accessible to many more people.
I've created this online training so you can experience this transforming adventure from the comfort of your own home.

The Training

What does the training look like?

* The training has 19 lessons to guide you in the practices.
* There is a build up with exercises, audio, video, theory which will help you prepare for the release techniques.
* The exercises and theory will bring you transforming experiences on how to look at and connect with your body.
* Every Release chapter has 9 or 10  video's with techniques to practice.
* The Yoni Self Release for example has 10 steps, so 10 video's.
* So there is a total of 38 different release technique video's.
* You can choose between English and Dutch subtitles.
* Every lesson has bonus material with links to dive deeper into that subject.
* You get access to the training in one go, so you can follow the training in your own pace, go back and forth however you want.
* There is a support group on Facebook and e-mailsupport for the people without Facebook

* You'll have unlimited acces to the material.

*You can follow the lessons in your own pace and come back to any of them all the time.

Does that sound good to you?

Have a closer look inside:

This is a short 1 minute video to get an impression:

This is an 8 minute video with more examples of the content:
(Be aware if you watch it at work: nude genitals involved ;-))


"What I'm really surprised about after the Lingam Self Release workshop, is the connection I feel with my genitals. In the last years of tantric practices it was usually someone else touching me. These exercises help me to recognize, acknowledge and use my own body to discover what feels good to me. It was amazing to see how you taught us this knowledge and skills in the most normal way I can imagine. It was clearer and more insightful than I've ever heard and seen it. Very valuable!"



You want to know even more about Pelvic Release?
Then keep reading:

Pelvic Release helps to keep your pelvis and genitals happy and healthy.

Pelvic Release is a soft-touching release technique which makes the (fascia) tissue in your pelvis and genitals relaxed, supple and free of pain so your genitals and the rest of your body become more receptive for pleasure..

Your pelvis is the core of your being, your base. When you become more aware of this area, you'll start to feel a deeper connection with yourself, with the core of who you are. This helps you to feel what it is you want and express your desires and limits clearly. Not only in your intimate life, but also in every other aspect of your life: relationships, friendships, working life, etc.


A lot of people experience pain or numbness in their genitals, especially during sex, orgasm or afterwards.
Sometimes you'll also experience it in daily life, for example when riding a bike.
Sometimes you are aware of it and sometimes you are not.
Most people don't have a lot of awareness in the pelvic or genital area.
A lot of people get used to not feeling a lot in their genitals or needing a lot of friction or stimulation to feel pleasure or any sensation at all.

The amount of people who develop some kind of issue around their genitals during their life is huge.With the Pelvic Release techniques you'll create healthier tissue that can release toxins better and take in more nutrients.Your body will be healthier as a result.When your pelvis and your genitals are in an optimal condition, you'll be able to experience more pleasure in your body as well.

Pelvic Release can resolve pain or numbness and/or prevent problems in your pelvis and your genitals.
When the tissue is elastic and flexible again, you'll start to feel more and more.
Pain and numbness can turn into pleasure again.
This release also creates more awareness and energy in your pelvis and genitals.
Your body will feel more present and alive.

Pelvic release is not about arousal or sex. It is about getting the tissue in and around the genitals increasingly more relaxed and receptive to pleasure and sensation.
It will probably have a big effect on your sex life as the sensations you experience will change.

The release techniques I'll teach you will not hurt.
It can feel slightly uncomfortable on certain spots, but you should be able to have a normal conversation during the release.

Who is this for?

Would you like to feel more connected to your core?

Do you want to feel your genitals and let them become a source of pleasure and power to you?

Is there anything that holds you back from enjoying intimacy and pleasure to the fullest?

Or do you experience tension, pain or numbness in your pelvis and genitals during sex, orgasm or afterwards? Or in daily life, for instance when riding a bike?

Pelvic Release can turn pain and numbness into pleasure again.

There are some Contra- indications for doing this practice.
I would advice you NOT to do the pelvic release if you have:
- Cancer
- Rheumatism
- Inflammations in the genital area
- Sensitivity to psychoses
- Use of antidepressants
- Surgery in the abdominal or pelvic area less than 6 weeks before the training

- If you are pregnant: I'd advice you to contact Birth and Bodywork.

"Team" you can find professionals who offer individual Pelvic Release sessions as described on this website and in the online training. They are trained by me and under regular supervision.

You can buy the Online Pelvic Release training in the 
So you can learn to release your own pelvis or your partner's from your own home.
It's important to realize the training is for private use only.
You cannot offer sessions professionally after this training.​​​

There's an option for male (Lingam Release) and female genitals (Yoni Release).

If you have different or combined genitals, contact me because I have a special offer for you.



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